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It's always pleasing to have someone spend a few minutes at our web site ... thank you for stopping by to take a look at the Photography. If I was forced to capsulate our photographic process I would say I seek to capture Creative Portraiture in addition to all the Authentic Moments that come forward during a session; then, I want to process those captured moments with an Artistic Flair.

I'll allow the images to speak for themselves; if the work is done right you'll find you want to see deeper into an image ... if an image slows you down we're smiling and we've accomplished our Art.

Hello, my name is Bill Morgan; I am passionate about how light and personality combine to capture moments for families. These moments become a gift to future generations and serve as a circle of visual love that binds Family and Friends. Those who participate in creating family photography and portraiture strengthen the generational bond that binds a group of people in Love.


Bill Morgan


Kiva is an American Indian word for a quiet place of conversation and/or deep quiet thought around a fireplace ... oh, and it's the name of my wife's cat: the cat who owns us!



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