To see the PhotoArt Galleries merely go to "Gallery" in the upper right then to "PHOTOART".    


Click here:    first PhotoArt Gallery.      There are several PhotoArt Galleries available for viewing.   Enjoy!!

The PhotoArt above is titled PONDERING UFO.  The photograph is actually a photo of a rock in a pond and the sky reflected in the pond but it's turned upside down to create the look of a UFO flying across the sky.  PONDERING UFO.

If you see a print that you want to alter the tone / color to fit your needs: we can do that for you if it's important to have your art balance with your environment or personal taste. If you want your selection converted to Black and White: we can do that as well. It's all part of the process; the last step is to involve the viewer.

Many of my PhotoArt pieces come with a few lines of text ... some pieces just beg for text as my artistic finishing step. Not all pieces, but some, need a voice. All my PhotoArt is titled to finalize my creative process.


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