Photography Pricing.

Feel free to take a look at our photography and give us a call when you're ready to set a day and time to complete your Photography.

Current pricing: $295 for completion of a photography session: this generally runs between 40 minutes to an hour. This session can  be studio or outdoors or a mix of both.   You will get all viable image files and collages on a disc so that you can print and use for you and your family circle!

NOTE: If you have a special request or a Creative Photography idea then let's talk it over; there's nothing quite like a creative adventure with light, camera and a dynamic range of emotion!

 Thank you for viewing our website; your time is appreciated.



Barter? hmmm ... as long as it's a win / win situation!


Family Photography preserves an invaluable and invisible thread for family members from one generation to the next and then again to the next and beyond.

 Your photography gives you a creative  sense of being which erases the basic sense of being hatched into a world of chaos that springs anew from one moment to the next. 

The mere visual nature of a thread of "belonging" produces roots that nurture in a way that is intangible and undeniably beyond comprehension.  Your photography is a family service you perform and enjoy; it's a way of dropping bread crumbs for coming generations to follow in times of confusion and loss.

Start your thread of humanity: it's a noble gift to those who will follow.  Your photos will give them ease in times of trouble and they will be an anchor molded from spiritual freedom ruled by love.

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